Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Site Re-haul & Other News

I'm considering a bit of a re-haul on the page... hopefully fix some of the bugs and annoyances (there are quite a few.) and maybe take some work off this damn thing. I don't think I've reached the point in my career where I need such a comprehensive archive of my work online. So expect a few changes whenever I can get a free moment to get myself back into web design mode.

As far other news goes, I'm keeping busy shooting a new documentary project on Lincoln Highway otherwise known as Route 30, America's first coast to coast highway. It's the road I live off of and a road I've traveled all to often. I'm shooting everything I can: the people, the lifestyle, the architecture, the land, and everything in between. The project is off to a strong start, I'm really happy with the first rolls of film I've gotten back. The final product will be a book, most likely self-published through a site like blurb or lulu. Ideally this book will set itself apart from all the other touristy books about Lincoln Highway. I'm not going for landmarks, I want what's real and relevant. Anyway, here's a taste of the project so far. (click the images for a slightly bigger version.)

more to come soon, I don't want to give too much away :) feedback welcomed as always.