Monday, August 16, 2010

Upcoming Exhibitions

Hey folks, been busy preparing for a few shows, here's all you need to know about em.
Opening Friday August 20th:



“Us vs It” by Racer LeVan

INDESTRUCTIBLE YOUTH is an exhibition featuring some of the best young artists working in Chicago and New York City. These artists derive their energetic work from various sources ranging from street culture to high art.

Artists: Brad Hoffman, Dan Jarvis, Elena Ballara, Peter Clodfelter, Scott Frigo, Racer LeVan, Emre Kocagil, Austin Eddy, Brandon Coley Cox, Nicholas Steindorf, Devin K Kenny, Eli Samuels, Jacob Bergman

Co-Curated by: Erol Scott Harris III
Writings by: Debra Riley Parr, Racer LeVan and Nicholas Steindorf

Opening Friday, August 20th @ 6pm - 10pm
Garage open by appointment only.

Event Location:

2324 W Montana
Chicago, IL 60647

Contact Phone Number:

Open now at Moraine Valley Community College:

Tyler Hewitt and Dan Jarvis
Double Exposure

Hewitt is Associate Professor, Studio Art: Photography and Design at MVCC. Jarvis was a student at MVCC and is now at Columbia College Chicago.

The exhibition comes in two parts. First is a series of photographic images that were created in partnership. Hewitt shot a roll of color film, and then gave the film to Jarvis who re-loaded it into his camera before taking his own selection of shots. The result is a curious series of “double exposures”.

The exhibition also features work made independently by the two photographers. Hewitt’s series of cyanotypes and Jarvis’s photographs both examine the myths and realities of the suburban experience in their own way. The work questions the optimistic portrayal of an unsustainable, ever-expanding suburban landscape and critiques over-commercialization and the uncomfortable reality that has developed in its wake. 

Opens: Monday, August 16, 2010
Runs until: Thursday, September 16, 2010
Reception: Thursday, August 26, 2010 2-4PM 

Opening on August 28th:

Fall Exhibition at Cornerstone Art Gallery & Studio

"Lazy Sun" by Paulette Stobinske

A Group exhibition featuring over a dozen local artists. Tons of new work for sale including moderately priced prints, I have over 50 for sale!

If you haven't been to a Cornerstone Opening then  here's your chance to experience amazing food, great people and damn good art. Hope to see you there!

you can RSVP here if your facebook inclined (and who isn't):

So there's your convenient Dan Jarvis fall exhibition guide. You're all expected at every event, no excuses. Thanks. That's all I got for now.